Need helping moving better? Looking to Feel more Creative? Want to Move and Dance Elegantly? Want to meet friendly people? Ready for your next challenge?

'Try Something Different! In Just 2 Hours With Our FREE 'Taster Tango' Workshop


Life is not only about work! During this 2-hours workshop you will:

  • Learn easy ways to look elegant and confident dancing tango
  • Feeling a bit clumsy sometimes? In just 2 hours you will improve your every-day posture by developing muscle strength, flexibility and body awareness
  • Get challenged and stimulated with the Tango dance technique
  • Discover an outlet for creativity and self-expression: elegant, beautiful, sensual and completely yours
  • Want to dance by no partner? You will meet friendly people are ready to go dancing with you!

Spaces are limited! Book Now to avoid disapointment

What our students say...

Ben - I feel much more confident getting up & asking a partner to dance with me 

Jess - I Always Leave Feeling Quite Calm...  

What is Tango Space, who is behind it?  

At Tango Space, one of the top Tango Academy in the UK, we help men & women in London dance elegantly, express themselves, move better and make friends with Tango Classes.  

We created it out of passion for authentic Argentine Tango Dancing. And though it has now become one of the biggest Tango Training Academy (with the best customer rating on Google*), we are very proud that it remains a space for every student has access to personnalised teaching, and where Tango Dance partners soon become friends.  

Pablo & Anne

*Thank you to everyone who came and reviewed us on google!

What if i don't have a partner? 

Aaaaah.... the partner problem... 

Don't worry, most people start dancing Tango without having a partner! It's kind of the point, as Tango is mostly about social dancing, and meeting & improvising with people you've never met before.

So during the workshop, we simply rotate the partners. Some of our advanced students are also always present and happy to give a hand, so don't worry, there will be people to dance with you!  

Why is the workshop Free? 

Our goal is to help as many men & women in London dance elegantly, move better, be creative & make friends with our tango lessons. We found that organising Free taster sessions is a great way to do that! 

We do also have more advanced tango learning options which we mention at these workshops, and you may choose to become a tango student of ours, or you may not. No obligation, and no problem at all either way.  

There's no hard sell here, and even if you just come along for the free workshop, soak up all the information you can, and then leave and apply it to your dancing and your life, that's great too!